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Dandelion Parachute Seed


Relax, Recharge, Refocus

Reiki - Kayleigh Bunch

"I have just had my first (of many I hope!) Reiki session with Laura. I wasn't sure what to expect as it was my first time but Laura put me at ease with her warmth and knowledge. I felt energy bubbling at various places in my body and saw some amazing colours in my mind. Afterwards I was on a bit of a Reiki high, it was amazing! Laura gently grounded me and I left feeling relaxed and content. Thank you Laura, I love your energy and the way you work. Every interaction I have with you leaves me feeling so positive, your gifts are a blessing xx"

Reiki - H Moppett

"I had reiki with Laura this evening and I can’t even describe how relaxed I now feel. I went in open minded and left feeling extremely rested and relaxed. I will absolutely be back for more reiki soon and would recommend anyone in two minds, to go for it. Laura was calming, respectful and kind throughout, she completely put me at ease."

Reiki Circle
"Magical evening on the moor with Laura Espin: Grounded by Nature Reiki fills me with such deep comfort. A space for inner peace and serenity in nature. I bathe in the summer solstice energy, drawing fuel from the sun, soothing my solar plexus.
I've emerged grateful and calm, an affirmation for the week. 
Thank you, Laura, for another truly grounding evening, surrounded by what can only be described as magic."
Reiki Circle
"I recently attended a beautiful reiki healing circle held on the sacred Dartmoor landscape with Laura. It was one of the most relaxing, heart opening experiences I've had to date. From the moment I was in her company I felt so at ease with her friendly and kind aura. I felt so at peace, with presence and connectedness to all life being a poignant feeling throughout. The way she tuned into the energy of the natural elements and incorporated them into the experience was magical. Sharing this space with like-minded souls, free of judgement and expectation felt so wholesome.
Laura is an incredible space holder and powerful intuitive which allows her to encourage openness and free flow during both the individual and group reiki received. Thank you for such a soul nourishing time, my heart is so grateful to have met you and received such incredible healing from you... I'm so excited to attend another circle again soon, to bathe in this tranquillity once more."
Reiki Drumming
"I had the honour of working with Laura for a course of 3 Reiki drumming sessions. I'd been having long term severe ovarian pains and with no physical cause I started to wonder if an energetic approach might work. 
The first session was incredibly intense. The beat of the drum took me into a deep meditation which gave me clarity into the cause of the pain. The combination of Reiki and drumming was incredible powerful, it lifted the trauma and fully healed the pain. It was a deep and emotional session but Laura held space so well. I felt very safe. The three sessions together worked beautifully to acknowledge, release and heal what needed to be healed. It was a profound experience of healing on a deep level."
Reiki Drumming
"I am grateful to have experienced journeying with Laura in reiki drumming. The sound of the drum and its varying rhythm really deepened my experience. I tend to find visualisation a bit tricky, but the drum seemed to connect deeper within myself conscious and I felt myself able to let go on a deeper level.
The drumming session took me on a powerful journey to meet my inner child - someone I have been both apprehensive and eager to do. Laura put me at ease and I felt completely safe to explore any and all emotions which arose. Laura is extremely receptive and open to supporting whatever it is that I need in those particular sessions. I'd highly recommend reiki drumming to anyone, especially if you're looking to deepen your meditative/healing journey."
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